8 Jan

Single individuals, who opt to remain as such, just happen to be, or single for now will find Long Island real estate a true haven. The place offers things that any single would surely appreciate and enjoy from outdoor activities and fun to dining and shopping. Singles of any age and lifestyle will never regret the decision to own a real estate property in the beautiful Long Island.

Fun Activities for Singles

Real estateIf you are someone who likes hiking a lot then you will surely enjoy hiking through a Sunken Forest located in Fire Island’s ocean dunes. You might be interested to know that Sunken Forest is already 200 years old. You can also try Jayne’s Hill for a more challenging trek.

Ice skating is always fun and it is a great way to meet new acquaintances that might soon bloom into a beautiful relationship (making your Long Island real estate worth having). There are different parks in Long Island that offer ice skating, try one or try them all – it is really up to you.

If you are interested to learn horseback riding, there are lessons offered by different stables where you can also secure a ride if you already know how to ride a horse. Horseback riding along the beaches is permitted in some areas for a more romantic appeal (excellent choice for having a date).

Most singles love adventure and there is no better way to experience great adventure than flying. See the picturesque view of Long Island from the top. Treasure the memorable airplane tour of beaches, parks, farmland, and breathtaking sites. You can also sign up for a skydiving adventure, discovery flight lessons, glider flight, or introductory flights.

While staying in your Long Island real estate, you can also get to experience different events especially prepared for singles like you such as speed dating, dance party, night out, co-ed beach volleyball, barbeque, and more. There will never be a lonely night (or day) if you live in Long Island.

Tour Long Island’s shopping malls and you will definitely find something to your liking without spending so much. You will also find restaurants that serve delicious fare, art museums and galleries, and movie houses.

Playing golf is a good workout and you should know that having a physically fit body (not to mention having curves where they should be) comes with being single. Long Island can provide for the needed workout to keep your body fit and healthy. You will surely feel at ease in owning a Long Island real estate where you can be protected from all forms of harm.

Whether you are single because you want it that way or due to other valid reasons, your Long Island real estate is an investment that you will surely cherish for as long as you live.

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Badge lanyards for companies

by Mario Speedwagon

7 Jan

Badge lanyards can be the perfect choice if you want your company to have a distinct lanyard for employees. You can customize all your lanyards in The Lanyard Authority. They have a variety of colors, materials and accessories to choose from.

The style of your badge can reflect your company’s image. Lanyards are also great gift choices for events and shows. Here are some of the things to consider if you are designing your own badge lanyards.

Quality materials

Badge lanyardsNo matter how beautiful a lanyard is if it is not durable enough then it will not be a good investment. For long term use, choose lanyard and badge materials that can withstand fading. The Lanyard Authority provides customers with different options from polyester lanyard to tubular lanyards.

• Dye sublimed lanyards. This type is perfect for people who want to print on both sides of the lanyard.

• Polyester lanyard. This is a low cost yet high quality option and is also best printed with screen designs.

• Nylon lanyards. These lanyards are good choice in printing highly detailed logos.

• Woven lanyards. You can choose woven badge lanyards if you want your logos woven with the lanyard instead of printing it on top.

• Tubular lanyards. This type comes in various sizes. You can opt for different printing methods for this lanyard.

• Blank lanyards. Choose the single colored blank lanyard if you want a simple lanyard.


Do not underestimate the power of your badge design. If you want it to represent you and your company, it needs to look good and reflect the right image you want to portray. However, the design should also be functional. Your badge lanyards should be designed in a way that it communicates all the needed information. If you wish to include words, make sure that it is easily readable. A long quote or your entire mission statement can be too much to place in your lanyard. It is better if you only focus on few words and prints it in bold letters. Colorful designs are beautiful to look at but be sure that it does not overshadow the words written in the lanyard.

Company logo

Your lanyards can also be used as marketing and branding materials so be sure that it represents your company well. Placing your company logo in your badge is a good idea since it can be automatically seen once your wear your lanyard. Make sure that you have the right colors for your logo before sending it to a lanyard company to ensure that the details remain consistent. You can also add corporate messaging if you plan to use large badges. This can be a subtle way of promoting your brand and spread the message.

What’s it for?

You can use lanyards as giveaways or as an official lanyard for your employees. If you wish to give them out at events and trade fairs, you may choose a budget friendly alternative like plastic badges, polyester lanyards and silk screen printing. These give you beautiful and customized badge lanyards without spending too much.

If your want to use the badge lanyards for corporate use, it is better to invest in woven materials and metal badges to ensure that they last for a long time. There are a lot of accessories available in The Lanyard Authority which you can add to your company lanyard. Cell phone attachments and size adjuster can make it more comfortable to use and wear. Safety release clips are also recommended since this can prevent serious injury by detaching the lanyard from your neck when medium force is exerted.

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3 Jan

Challenge coins are truly a dime a dozen. Because of a multitude of manufacturers that offer customized challenge coins like www.challengecoins4less.com, any organization can have one to represent them. So, how can you make your coins more distinct? Try giving them an edge.

Most coin designs are focused only on the main insignia or emblem that appears on the center of the coin. Not many pay attention to the borders at the edge of the coin. However, the coin edge can, in fact, make or break the overall design. It could provide emphasis that wonderfully frames the main design or it could make the coin uninteresting and look unfinished.

Fortunately, there are many edges one can choose for their challenge coins. In deciding on what option to go for, keep in mind the overall look you would like to present. Also make sure that the edge does not clash with your main design, but rather enhances it. It is as well good to keep in mind what metal you are going to use and the finishing and painting that you will have done. The right edge can look very nice on the proper materials.

Challenge coinsA plain edge is often standard with any manufacturer and does not involve additional costs. This is ideal for those who want a simple, sleek design. But, they also make your coins indistinct since it is the most popular option. It is best to choose this if your main design is already complex and would be further overwhelmed by a more creative edge.

On the other hand, there are a variety of special edges one can select from for a more elaborate challenge coins. This will, however, cost you more at most manufacturers.

The rope edge appears as a rope surrounding the border of the coin. There are different weaves that can be used for a rope edge like the single twist or braided look. This is a very traditional edge that is often seen in military coins.

The bezel edge gives your coin equally-distributed chiselled cuts all around. This gives it a shining appearance like a sun or a starburst when light hits it, so it looks best on polished metals.

The cross cut edge looks like crosses engraved around the coin. It is quite a strong look and is great for striking designs. Like the bezel, the cuts also catch light.

The line edge can come in a variety of angles and thicknesses. When done right, it could soften an otherwise strong, bold main design. The most popular type is the oblique line which are uniform diagonal lines cut around the border of the coin. It is popular amongst government offices.

The spur edge is a favorite among law enforcement units. This forms outward-facing waves on the border of the coin that look like spurs.

Additionally, more creative coin designs can bear more complex edge patterns. These can be of any motif that can be repeated on the edges of the coin’s shape. The edges could also be functional and show official codes or numbers that could not be incorporated into the main design.

Select a decorative edge for your challenge coins if you want to make them look more visually appealing and valuable. A wonderfully designed and made edge shows that a lot of effort was put into its production. The owner of such a coin would also treasure the item more because of the honor attached to its ownership. Moreover, a coin that looks finished and polished connotes a sense of professionalism. Those who regard the coin will unquestioningly respect the organization that bears its name.

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1 Jan

One of the best reasons why golf is a good sport is that it is good for the health. First of all, it provides at least 30 minutes of exercise that reduces the risk of heart disease, bone disease, stroke and arthritis. The cardiovascular and weight exercise come from walking around while carrying your own Callaway golf clubs for around 2 to 4 hours per game.

Golf may seem like a leisurely sport instead of hardcore, but brisk walking between those 18 holes that stretch for 5 to 8 miles can be a good workout for anyone. That does not even include the walk back to the clubhouse. And golf is played at least 3 times a week, then calories are sure to be burned and, with proper diet, the golfer may even lose weight in the process.

Bone health is also improved by weight exercises that come as you carry your Callaway golf clubs while walking briskly. As metabolism is increased, calories burn faster. Likewise, soaking up a good amount of sun will give the body the Vitamin D it needs. Vitamin D increases energy levels and calcium absorption, stimulates cell growth and improves overall attitude. This makes golf a gainful outdoor sport.

On another note, as you start feeling better with the Vitamin D you soaked up while playing and the stress of physical activity, you will find that you will have a good night’s sleep ahead of you. And sleep produces its own unique profits to health and general well-being.

Callaway golfGolfing is alsoa great social activity. Interaction with other people can boost happiness and self-esteem. As your social group widens, your mental health perks up and leaves you with a feeling of satisfaction. It doesn’t matter if you win the game or not, the socialization part is what’s good for your health. Of course, winning will also give you a sense of fulfillment that induces happy hormones in your body.

Other reasons why people play golf are the following:

1. Golf is a stress reliever. When you are feeling a little low or stressed up from work or other things, playing golf can be therapeutic. You can focus on simply swinging your Callaway golf clubs and getting the ball to the next hole without too much fuss while relaxing your mind and enjoying the green and the cool breeze. Oftentimes, men say that it is therapeutic for their spouses because it keeps them outside of the homes.

2. Golf makes you appreciate nature. Unlike other hardcore sports, you get closer to nature when you play golf. You hang out around trees and grass while listening to the sound of birds.

3. Golf allows you to be competitive. Yes it does – long after your body can no longer do other sports. What other game can seniors play and be all gung ho with others? Unlike basketball, swimming or other sports where age limits people, golf can be for anyone. And golfers can talk about their glory days in the sport without reminiscing decades past.

4. Golf is all-inclusive. Again, anyone can play golf. And golf can be played against anyone. It depends on the ability to compete, but it is not specific to gender or age. Meaning, ladies can play against gents. And children can play against adults.

5. Golfdevelops character. Golfers like to say there is nothing quite like dealing with your own conscience. That moment when you didn’t do something right, when you somehow missed it by a hairline, when you used the wrong Callaway golfclub– youjust deal with it and move on. Character is built when you know that it is not good to mope around or blame other people, but honesty looking at yourself and improving your game.

6. Golf also reveals character. When people’s games are not up, how they feel will almost always show. When other people play well and they don’t, you will see how they react. When they had a good game, do they gloat? Are they sportsmanlike? Are they honest? Golf can reveal a lot about a person’s nature.

Anyone – young or old, men or women – can get hooked with golf. The best thing about this sport is that there are a lot of things you gain for it other than simple enjoyment.

RockBottomGolf is pleased to offer some of the hottest discount golf equipment on the web! To know more visit www.rockbottomgolf.com.

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How to Start A Funeral Home

by Richard Parrish

30 Dec

Everyday, many people die due to various reasons. Deaths can cause pain to the deceased person’s family and it may take time before they can accept it. Despite being a painful event in someone’s life, deaths can help people make a living through funeral homes and cemeteries. Some students even aspire to become funeral directors and they take up a degree in mortuary science to learn how to embalm a deceased person and manage a funeral home.

Just like the food industry, the funeral industry is also a billion-dollar industry. It is estimated that this industry can produce 20.7 billion dollars each year. A funeral in the United States normally costs around 8,000 up to 10,000 dollars. You can earn a lot by operating funeral homes, but this type of business is not for everyone. Not all people can touch dead people and prepare them for burial or cremation.

For those who are thinking of setting up a funeral home business, here are the things you should take note of.

Prepare a Budget

funeralBefore you start your funeral parlor business, you would need a huge amount of money to set it up. It may take around 50,000 dollars or more to set funeral homes. You also need to consider the cost of equipment used for embalming and cremating dead people. Embalming equipment can cost at least 3000 dollars. Aside from embalming equipment, you also need to have a budget for urns, caskets, and limousines for transporting corpses.

Look for a Place

Another thing that you need to do is to look for a place where you will set up your business. Find out if you have competitors in your chosen venue. If you do not have enough money, but you still want to start a funeral home, then you can lease a space for it instead. A lease for a funeral home business can cost around 5,000 dollars or more per month depending on how wide the area is.

Hire and Train Employees

Before setting up a funeral home, you must have a Mortuary Science degree to become a funeral director. Some colleges and universities in the United States are offering this degree. When hiring employees, make sure that they have work experience and licenses.

Get a Business License

It is not only the funeral directors that should have licenses, but also the funeral homes. To get a license, answer a business license application form and apply for a tax identification number in your state.

Establish Networks

Having connections is also necessary for a funeral home business. They are also the ones in-charge of preparing funeral-related documents like death certificates. Make sure that you have contacts with cemeteries and your city office. For deceased foreigners, it is important for funeral parlors to have connections with embassies and consulates. Knowing someone from newspaper companies, on the other hand, will speed up obituary writing.

Develop a Price List

After getting a business license, you must provide a price list to your clients. It must contain prices of funeral packages and other services. Nowadays, a casket costs around 2,500 dollars or more depending on the material used in constructing it. Embalming, on the other hand, can cost up to 600 dollars.

Build a Website

You will be needing a website in order to advertise your funeral home to possible clients. Your website should contain information that every client must know.

Offer Unique Services

In order to stand out, try offering services that are not found in other funeral parlors. You can offer online funeral viewing to those who are living overseas or sell eco-friendly caskets.

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29 Dec

There is great demand for keynote speakers these days. These are professionals or experienced individuals who are asked to speak in front of a huge audience about a certain subject matter, most of the time about businesses or inspirational and motivational matters. However, there are also other subject matters that a particular group would like to hear on. This is the reason why finding an effective keynote speaker who has knowledge on various subject matters or topics is important. So, what are the things you need to consider when searching for a versatile keynote speaker?

Here are some helpful tips:

Where to Look for a Keynote Speaker?

Keynote speakerFinding a keynote speaker is easy if you know where to look. You can start by browsing the yellow pages. There are several agencies that have a list of keynote speakers you can hire. You can also search the Internet as there are lots of freelancers around these days. It is best to talk to possible candidates so that you can determine how they speak and the extent of their knowledge in a specific topic that you need. You should be aware of the speaker’s expertise so that you would know if he’s suitable for the subject matter to be discussed. He should be able to present samples of speeches.

Compare the Skills and Expertise on Your List

Now that you have your list of the possible speakers whom you may hire, you can compare their expertise and skills so that you can shorten your choices into two or three names. You can check their abilities and how well they rated during the interview so that you can choose who among them are the best one to hire. Once you have chosen the right individual for the job, you can now schedule an appointment with the person so that you can discuss further about the deal. Through this, you will be able to determine if both of you could arrive at acceptable terms.

Know the Different Kinds of Speakers and their Fees

There are various kinds of speakers. There are those who can also handle organizing events where they will be the speaker. You can also ask them about their fees so that you will determine if they have reasonable rates and if they fit your budget. It is vital that you have ideas on how much you would be spending in hiring these experts. Normally, the more famous and senior speakers have higher rates. It’s because their expertise is already broad enough that they can deal with any topic or event.

It is important that these things should be thought about before hiring a keynote speaker. Keep in mind that how the keynote speakers deliver their speech will affect how their audience or organization thinks about the event and the speaker. It is best to invest in getting the service of the best possible speaker so that you can get the results that you wanted to gain from the event.

Keynote speakers should capture the essence of the event and should highlight it to listeners within a short period of time. To capture the essence, the speaker should be willing to dedicate some time researching your industry, your audience or your issues. Once the research is complete, your keynote speaker can arrange the presentation into a distinctive and unique way suited for your audience. Your keynote speaker may use audience participation, sing, add humor or show funny clips. It does not matter what style the speaker applies. His job is to weave your message into their program in the most engaging way.

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29 Dec

Within every major career path, there is a learning curve that you have to move forward with. Whether you want to work as an executive in a company, or you want to start your own, an education is definitely worth chasing on a lot of different levels. It’s when you take time to fully understand the power of education, that you will end up with a positive outcome, and definitely see a great deal of success over time. In some industries, however, you will not just need academia on your side, you will need certification that is current and from a certified program. For instance, if you look into human resources, you will need to have a good foundation in applied experience, as well as an up to date certification. That being said, consider the reasons why you should look into HRCI Certified Programs, and not just throw your application around to any available position within this world.

Professional Commitment To The Industry

great deal of successThere are a lot of people that apply for jobs that they may not want to stay in for a long time. Everyone at one point or another is going to apply to a gig that they think will be short term. Human resources departments should not be run that way, as it will cause disruption in the efficiency of hiring, letting people go, and sustaining a work force. When the HR room has a hard time managing career minded individuals, the rest of the company can be shaken up. It’s for that reason that certification brings a semblance of professional commitment to this world, and creates lasting impressions moving forward.

Applied Knowledge Through Certification

Without looking into a HRCI Certified Programs, you may have a degree in management or business. A degree can showcase great power, but that doesn’t prove that there is any application of the material. Different colleges have different rules for graduation. Some allow lax graduation standards, others are strict. When you apply to a position in the HR world, you will not be able to denote whether or not your college is strict or not just by the degree you hold. However, if you apply with a certification from a good program, you will communicate to the employer that you have gone through the examination process and passed. That will help you get the position and build success in an appropriate fashion.

The Right Information

If you’re not trained through the methods displayed within HRCI Certified Programs, you may be behind on the legal matters in human resources. There are a lot of laws in place today that you will need to be aware of, and when managing employees, and dealing with legal matters, you have to know the letter of the law. A disgruntled employee may end up suing the company if they find out that they are being mistreated, or that there has been a mix up with their paperwork, or any number of reasons. When these things happen, the end result usually means large cash settlements. It’s for that reason that certification from a good, accredited program matters greatly. No company wants to defend themselves against suits of this type, especially when they can drain valuable resources from the budget. It’s imperative that HR takes care of things in a legal manner, and ensures high quality of employment from the beginning to the end.

At the end of the day, you could either apply to a great deal of jobs and hope that you’re able to build leverage moving forward or you could end up having to deal with a lot of different issues as a result. It’s better to have accredited program infrastructure, than to risk legal issues down the line.

Talentkeepers build employee commitment and loyalty to your organization.

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by Douglas Austin

29 Dec

The word lanyard appears to be French in origin. It came from the word “laniere”, which translates to “strap.” Nowadays, lanyards are worn around the neck, or attached to other accessories. They can be made from polyester, nylon, can be dye-sublimated, or even made of leather. They are used to carry around a multitude of objects. Some of these will be explained below.

lanyardsOne of the most common uses for these is for carrying electronic devices. With the boom of technological advancements in the recent decade, it’s uncommon for a person to not carry his own device. For example, mobile phones usually have small holes in their corners. These slits are used for attachment, usually through a loop of a thin cord that is fastened with a simple knot.

Another commonly encountered electronic device is the USB flash drive. It’s a very small device, and prone to being lost, thus attaching it to a lanyard is a practical option. USBs also have holes in their corners for attachment to the straps. Even mini-video consoles can be attached to them. For example, the Wii console has a strap attached to its remote, so that players will not drop it during gameplay.

Another usually encountered use is for identification tags. Identification tags are indispensable for security purposes. For example, they are used in schools to identify students, offices to recognize employees, etc. These are also useful in more public gatherings, such as conferences and conventions.

Before, identification tags used to be fastened either with pins or plastic clips. These are very tedious, since they can either damage your clothing, and can slip very easily. Lanyards provide distinct advantages over the aforementioned: they prevent the tags from being lost, and they ensure that the tags are always readily visible.

These products have more serious uses, too. One of them is as a “safety strap.” What is that, you ask? One classic example of this is a motorcycle driver who has the keys of his vehicle attached to his wrist by a strap. Apart from making sure that they keys are not lost, this also serves as a safety precaution – in case the motorcyclist loses control of the vehicle or falls, the keys will automatically dislodge from the keyhole, preventing further damage both to the motor and the passenger.

These also have more athletic purposes. For example, some high quality, durable straps can be used for wall climbing and mountaineering. These straps are attached to metal rings, and these serve as support for their bodies while they’re scaling downwards or upwards.

Some lanyards also have accessories attached to them. For example, they can be attached to carabiners, so that people can sling on their car keys to their belt buckles. Some of them also have a plastic snap feature that detaches objects when pressure is applied, so that strangulation or choking is avoided.

They also serve a secondary purpose. Most might not have seen it coming, but these have integrated themselves into people’s wardrobes, and now they are seen more as a fashion accessory. They are fully customizable – that is, they come in a wide array of colors, measurements, and textures, giving people the artistic freedom to design them to meet their specific needs.

They can be used as part of a uniform (i.e., the lanyard may have the company or school logo), or they can be used to promote products (e.g. some employees wear them bearing the names of their latest products). Some people just design these for the fun of it, and sell them to their friends for profit. Whatever you use them for, lanyards have become an indispensable accessory for almost all institutions and public places.

Author Bio:

Lanyards are a great way to reinforce your brand in a subtle way with customers and users.To know more about lanyards visit the official page.

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24 Dec

Before, getting someone to create a digital signage for you rings major marketing expenses. Despite of its high price tag, many business owners are still reconsidering because it is valued as a good investment. Sadly, also because of its expensive costs, small business owners cannot afford to enjoy the perks of having digital signs. Now, having this impressive marketing tool is no longer a dream. Small business owners can now use digital signs, thanks to digital sign software.

digital signageDigital signage comes in various forms. They come with LED, LCD and projection platforms with digital display content such as slideshows, videos, live streaming, digital images and information. They are very effective in capturing audiences because of its interactive nature, but how does digital signage work?

Creating a digital signage starts with a clean canvass on your computer. You can add videos, images, texts, music by adding files using digital sign software. For a more interactive feel, you can also include social media application streamed directly on your display. Other applications provide templates that make it easier to customize according to your needs. Once finished, you can save your work and have it ready to be live.

Storage of your files for your digital signs may vary depending on what software you use. Some can run using a personal computer while others need a special server dedicated for digital signage alone. Lately, with the increasing number of cloud users, several digital sign software developers also include cloud-sharing apps for data storage. Clients love it because it allows them to edit their current work anywhere they are.

Just like any other marketing strategies, digital signs have their pros and cons. Here are some of them:

• Unfixed ROI – setting up a digital signage is considered as an investment. You need to shell out good amount of money for deployment. The good news is studies show that interactive displays attract more attention than still mediums. In addition, it can really affect the decision-making of potential clients. The best way to combat this problem is to estimate the ROI upfront. Understand the main goal of putting up a digital signage and set priorities. By doing so, you can focus on the target and work your content according to it.

• Complicated value chain – Setting up a digital display means dealing with various types of people in order to work. These include technicians, vendors and specialists. Running such group can be overwhelming. And with different minds, possible conflicts may arise. To solve this problem, many in digital signage business offers all-in-one package. They will provide all the necessary materials needed for your set-up for specific cost.

If you are on a tight budget, you may also consider getting a digital sign software, which allows you to do your campaigns using your own computer. You will score huge discounts on this versus hiring someone to do the job for you. The best part is, many software do not require computer expertise and can be easily learned if you have basic computer knowledge.

• Not enough content – Not enough understanding on the goal may lead to advertising failure. This thought also applies on digital signs. That is why it is very crucial to know the purpose of acquiring a digital display. Is it for brand awareness? Are you using it for lead generation or to improve sales? Plan your strategy based on your purpose and your campaign will do well.
Brilliant concepts should be put into good use. And if it’s cost that’s stopping you, many companies including digital sign software developers give great deals that can work within your budget. Some even give flexible terms of payment and even provide great technical support. All you need now is take that one bold step to make a huge change for your business. Do not waste time, act now.

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24 Dec

Printed circuit boards, or “PCBs,” have a lot more advantages than the old ways of manufacturing electronics. Before, every component inside of an electronic device was connected using large wires and positioned anywhere they could fit. This resulted in a very messy board and used a large amount of space. These days PCBs make use of a different approach. Components are soldered on a non-conductive board and are connected with traces, small pathways. Because they are normally designed on a computer, PCBs fit various components using less amount of space.

Parts of Printed Circuit Boards

When looking at a PCB, the traces are noticed right away. These are thin conductive lines that connect all the components on the board. They replaced the much bigger wires used in the past to connect the components. A printed circuit board has several small holes. These are drilled where every component should be positioned. For instance, if a microchip needs eight connections, you also need to drill 8 holes on the circuit.

printed circuit boardsThrough this, parts of the electronic circuit can be soldered completely, without using long wires or leads. Again, this will save a lot of space. The last parts added to a printed circuit board are the components themselves. These are tiny electrical devices that should be linked making the unit work.

Common components are microchips, switches, diodes, and resistors. The components make the circuit work, while the printed circuit boards provide the connections.

Identifying Circuit Board Components
Schematic Diagram

The schematic diagram of an electronic circuit is a guide to identify the components. The straight solid lines in the schematic indicate connections and wiring between various parts. The resistors are represented by short zigzag lines. Capacitors are shown by short parallel lines that may be curved or straight. Diodes and transistors have arrows showing the direction of present flow. Complex components like integrated circuits are represented by a block diagram. The symbol is labeled with a number and a letter according to the standard scheme, for instance, the 11 resistor in the circuit will be labeled R11 on the schematic.

Circuit Board

The printed circuit board is a thin plastic rectangle, mounted in the equipment case. The smaller boards are like a matchbook, while the large ones measure 20 inches or more on the side. The usual board has components on one side and on the other side, there’s the conductive copper foil paths that function as the circuit wiring. Printed circuit boards are usually blue or tan, but is also available in other colors.

Integrated Circuits

This small electronic component that has billions of microscopic resistors, transistors and other parts. Although they are available in various package styles, they are usually dark rectangular slabs of ceramic or plastic that connect to the board using several metal pins. The circuits also have a passing resemblance to tiny pieces of dark chocolate. The IC normally has numbers written on them to easily identify them.


These are simple electronic components that control the amount of the current passing in the circuit. On a board, these are small horizontal cylinders having four or five colored stripes. The stripes are a code that shows the part’s resistance in ohms. For instance, the color code red-red-orange-gold is a 22,000-ohm resistor accurate to 5%. A board has several resistors.


A PCB has more connectors connected to it. A cable snaps on the connectors and carries electrical signals from it to different parts of the electronic equipment. Most of the time, connectors are plastic and have more metal pins or fittings that couple with the cable.


It acts as storage containers for electric charge, and are rated by capacitance in farads and breakdown voltage. Vintage capacitors have color codes, contemporary examples normally have the breakdown and farad voltage ratings printed on the part. The capacitors are either horizontal or vertical cylinders and resemble a glossy gumdrop or are disk-shaped.

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23 Dec

Shipping containers are normally used in shipping goods throughout or out of the country. It is built to withstand moisture and salt so it is more commonly used as overseas shipping containers.

Storage containerHowever, even if there is a constant trade of goods between countries, a lot of shipping cubicles are still being left abandoned in the shipyards because of the high cost and risks it poses for the ship that will deliver it back. Consequently, these are sold or rented to people or companies that can’t afford brand new shipping containers. They use them as shipping cargos or as something else like houses and other kinds of edifices.

Acquiring a used shipping cubicles can be very tricky. Whatever purpose you have in buying a shipping container, it is a good idea to have ample knowledge about used storage containers to avoid future frustrations. You have to consider a lot of things before buying one. Here are some tips to help you find, choose, and buy a used shipping cubicle:

1.Evaluate your needs.

A standard shipping container comes in two sizes: 20 foot and 40 foot container lengths. Heights are 8 feet 6 inches and 9 feet 6 inches respectively. If you need more space, extra wide containers are also available. The length of these containers is 48 feet.

Bigger containers are, of course, more expensive. Assess the capacity of one container first and the things you want to put in them before buying one.

2.Where would you want to put your container?

Unless you’re making a home extension with a storage container, it is not a good idea to put a shipping container on your yard—that is if you have a big enough yard to fit a 20-foot metal vessel. If you’re not planning on shipping out items somewhere, better call a space provider to store your containers for you. There are plenty of companies in the US that houses shipping containers at a cost.

3.The internet is your friend and enemy.

You can find all things on the internet, but none of them are worth buying unless you check the item yourself. Online stores are your friends but only if you know how to shop online. Items like shipping containers require physical inspection before anyone can decide about spending a dime.

The physical condition of a used storage container may vary from slightly used to well-worn containers. If you’re looking for a relatively new container, look for “one-trip” containers. These might have a few scratches from their initial trip but are nonetheless good as new.

4.Make your choices.

Call the shipping container company you found online and ask for prices. You can type them all out on an excel file for better comparison later. Include transportation costs in your comparison table to get a better view on things. You want to make sure that the value of your money is being maximized.

Trim down your choices into three or less. Visit the storage container companies of your choice and inspect your prospect containers yourself. If you can, hire a professional inspector to check the condition of the containers for you. This will also help you decide on what container to buy.

5.Purchase the best container out of your options.

After everything has been checked out, it’s time to make that purchase. Some companies may require a credit card or a check upon purchasing. Make sure to ask about that upon calling the company, and ask for price quotes as well. There is no better feeling in the world than knowing that while you have spent some money, you also have maximized the value of it by finding the best deals.

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